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Zoom Season One Episode Nineteen
Season 1, Episode 19
Zoom Season 1 Cast.jpg
Air date February 27, 1972
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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  • Fannee Doolee
  • ZOOMMail - Game Idea
  • ZOOMMovie - Third Time’s Luck
  • Zoom In The Street - What Do You Turn Into When You’re Unhappy?
  • ZOOMGuest - Mark Wingfield
  • Zoom Play Of The Week - The Argument
  • ZOOMGuest - Debbie Kostka
  • ZOOMGame - Hopscotch
  • Song - "Arky Arky"


  1. Joe Shrand
  2. Nina Lillie
  3. Kenny Pires
  4. Tracy Tannebring
  5. Tommy White
  6. Nancy Tates
  7. Jon Reuning


  • Tracy: Hi. On this week’s show, there will be a lot of pieces from earlier shows that a lot of you asked to see again. In a few weeks, some new ZOOMers will be coming in and they’ll be doing new material and any ideas just like we did. So keep on writing. And now, on with the show!

  • Joe: Good evening. Tonight‘s presentation is a double feature. Part one is by Pam Bowie of Petaluma, California. Part two is by Kayla Covington who lives in Seabrook, Texas. And now, on with our drama.

  • ZOOMers: Who does Fannee Doolee love?
    • Nancy: Fannee Doolee hates Nancy.
    • Jon: Fannee Doolee hates Jon.
    • Kenny: Fannee Doolee loves Kenny.
    • Tracy: Fannee Doolee hates Tracy.
    • Joe: Fannee Doolee hates Joe.
    • Nina: Fannee Doolee hates Nina.
    • Tommy: Fannee Doolee loves Tommy.
    • ZOOMers: Fannee Doolee loves all but she hates everybody.