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Zoom Season One Episode Seventeen
Season 1, Episode 17
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Air date February 13, 1972
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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  • Zoom Doodle
  • Zoom In The Street - What Are You Most Afraid Of?
  • Zoom Mail - It Scares Us
  • Zoom Guest - Eric Berman
  • Zoom Game - Ball and Jacks
  • Zoom Guest - Jeff Warschauer
  • Zoom Mail - Puppets
  • Zoom Play Of The Week - Riddles
  • The Cat Came Back


  1. Joe Shrand
  2. Nina Lillie
  3. Kenny Pires
  4. Tracy Tannebring
  5. Tommy White
  6. Nancy Tates
  7. Jon Reuning


  • Joe: Good evening. Each week at this time, Zoom brings you a story or play sent in by one of our viewers. This week, Miss Donna Moore of Newton, Massachusetts has sent in a really exciting story called "Riddles".

  • Tommy: “Riddles“ by Donna Moore. The next day, Gladys called Ms. Truett. Ms. Truitt‘s number was [[1]].
    • Tracy: Hello, this is the Barrions’ residence.
    • Nina: Hi, Joan. How would you like to hear a riddle?
    • Tracy: Well, OK. But just for a few minutes.
    • Nina: Who has gray hair and don’t know her name?
    • Tracy: Who?
    • Nina: You.
    • Tracy: Me? Oh. Well, now I’ll give you a riddle. Who has grayish blackish whitish hair?
    • Nina: Who?
    • Tracy: You, and I don’t have grayish blackish whitish hair. Goodbye, and that’s for a fact. (Hangs up the phone)
    • Tommy: And she hung up.

  • Joe: This is a very confusing story. But with such dramatical emotions, we could not fail to give it to you.

  • Tommy: That night, as Ms. Truett and John we’re going to bed…
    • Joe: (in a rather mean voice) Hon!
    • Tracy: Yes?
    • Joe: Oh, Joan, I just got the phone bill and it’s $491. Explain why you were on the phone. Why?
    • Tracy: Well, Gladys was on the phone, too.
    • Joe: Who is Gladys?
    • Tracy: Gladys Travers. The lady with the grayish blackish whitish hair.
    • Joe: Well you just tell her to stay off la phone.
    • Tracy: What does “la” mean?
    • Joe: It means “the“ in French.
    • Tracy: But you’re English.
    • Joe: So?

  • Joe: You may be confused as to why Ms. Truett is living with Mr. John Barrions. But have no fear. They are legally married.

  • Tommy: Before Mr. Barrions went to bed, he called Gladys. He called 995-3126.
    • Jon: Hello? Felix Travers here. Who’s speaking?
    • Joe: Hello, Felix. This is John Barrions. Let me speak to Gladys.
    • Nina: Yeah? Gladys here.
    • Joe: Hello, Gladys. Give me $491.
    • Nina: Well, I’ll try. But why?
    • Joe: Because you’re a grayish blackish whitish haired lady. Goodbye.
    • Tommy: And then he went and put on his doggy pajamas.

  • Joe: Incidentally, if you do happen to notice the resemblance between myself and one of the characters, well, it can’t really be helped.

  • Tommy: The next morning, John went to the Travers’ house.
    • Joe: Hi, Felix. Hand over the money.
    • Tommy: Felix was Gladys’s husband.
    • Jon: I have the 400 and whatever money here. Have it in good health.
    • Joe: Felix, is this money from Monopoly?
    • Jon: Of course it is.
    • Joe: Is this some kind of a joke?
    • Jon: No, it is a riddle.
    • Tommy: The next day, they gave real money to the phone company and the whole thing was cleared up. The end.



  • The "Riddles" play was written by Donna Moore, who would later become a ZOOMer in Season 3.