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Season 3 of ZOOM (1972 series) was aired in 1973 to 1974. Season 3 (1973-1974) ZOOMers (Zoomers) replaced previous season (1972-1973) ZOOMers (zoomers) and are or were replaced by next season (1974-1975) ZOOMers in the next season.

Cast 1[]

  • Danny McGrath
  • Edith Mooers
  • Mike Dean
  • Donna Moore
  • Timmy Prunce
  • Lori Boskin
  • Neal Johnson

Cast 2[]

  • Mike Dean
  • Rose Clarkson
  • Hector Dorta
  • Donna Moore
  • Timmy Prunce
  • Shawn Miranda Reed
  • Danny Malloy



Twenty-One of the episodes from this season have been found so far. 18 from Cast 1. And 3 from Cast 2. The first 18 episodes that have been found are John Henry, Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog, Best of Seasons 1-2, Boll Weevil, Best of Seasons 1-2 (Part 2), Buffalo Gals, An incomplete episode, This Land Is Your Land, Little Red Riding Hood, Best of Seasons 1-2 (Part 3), Saints Go Marching In, The Gospel Train, Best of Seasons 1-2 (Part 4)(Ann Gets Her Braces), At the Zoo Top Getter’s Night, I Believe In Music “Michael”, Mike Gets His Tonsils Removed, Best of Seasons 1-2 (Part 5), and How Do You Do? (Cast A Finale). The last 3 episodes that have been found so far are Polly Wolly Doodle, Best of Seasons 1-2 (Part 6)(Lollipop Tree), and Salty Dog Rag



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