My nickname is Lenie (Lean-ee.) I think other ZOOMers would say I'm silly, hyper and sensitive (about some things.) I'd also say I'm thoughtful and caring. I love to dance! My whole family does. I live with my mom, dad and younger brothers (they're twins!) and my cat, Rosie. One of my favorite things to do with my family is have a picnic at the beach. No matter where I am or who I'm with, you can always find me singing. I even sing when I'm by myself!

On the ZOOMset, I'm famous for my Spanish Cooking Show, but my favorite CafeZOOM treat isPeanut Butter Bees. I love all of the ZOOMgames, especiallyMixed-Up Sports Relay, because they're great for when you're feeling Sha-Goo (my made-up word for feeling very hyper.)

To all the ZOOMers out there: Thanks for watching and sending in such great ideas! Remember if you work hard and be yourself, you can reach your goals because no one can stop you from being you.